A perfect 10: The A350 XWB introduces a whole new dimension of aircraft for Lufthansa

The A350 XWB “counts to 10” as German-based Lufthansa takes delivery of its first A350-900 to become the tenth operator of this highly efficient new-generation Airbus jetliner.
Lufthansa – which has ordered 25 total A350-900s – proves once again it’s the “Xtra” that makes the difference for the world’s most-modern long-haul commercial aircraft.
Passengers will experience the highest levels of comfort in a quiet cabin that includes the latest innovations, while the A350 XWB also sets a new standard in efficiency with a fuel burn reduction of 25 percent, along with decreased emissions and a lower noise footprint as one of the most environmentally friendly aircraft flying today.

Lufthansa takes delivery of its first A350 aircraft

The Lufthansa Group, Airbus’ largest airline customer and operator, has taken delivery of its first A350 XWB, the world’s newest and most efficient twin engine widebody airliner. The aircraft is the first of 25 …

Spotter's tips

As the A350 XWB becomes an increasingly familiar sight at airports around the globe, here are some tips to help you identify an A350 XWB at first sight.

Minute Physics - “How an Airbus A350 is made”

Minute Physics - The making of

Minute Physics - “How an Airbus A350 is made”

Minute Physics

Discover an educational video especially created by Henry Reich to show you the “Behind-the-Scenes of an Airbus A350 being built!”
This and more on his YouTube Minute Physics channel at www.youtube.com/minutephysics

The A350 XWB Magazine: A must see!

Check out the fascinating behind-the-scene work of the industry's most thorough test flight campaigns ever, in the A350 XWB Magazine.

The Xtra Innovative technology

The Xtra flight experience

The Xtra Innovative technology