Xtra wide cabin

An Xtra Wide Body aircraft with an Xtra wide cabin.

The A350 XWB’s Xtra wide fuselage contributes to superior levels of passenger comfort.

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Airspace by Airbus

The new “Airspace by Airbus” cabin concept – which is being incorporated on the A350 XWB Family – creates the perfect space for maximising passenger well-being with a next-generation flying experience.

As the next chapter in Airbus’ cabin comfort leadership, Airspace by Airbus offers a more relaxing, inspiring, attractive and functional environment for travellers based on four dimensions: comfort, ambience, service and design.

The Airspace by Airbus cabin concept creates more space on board the A350 XWB for its passengers with a sophisticated and signature design that also enables airlines to optimise operational performance.

Comfort: Feel the space

The A350 XWB sets a new standard for the air travel experience by providing unmatched comfort to its passengers from the moment they board the aircraft.

The A350 XWB’s generous 221-inch fuselage cross-section from sidewall to sidewall is the “Xtra” that makes the difference – allows for superior levels of comfort in all classes of service. This spacious interior accommodates the widest seats of any jetliner in its category, with passengers benefitting from greater lateral movement and more personal space on long-range flights.

With standard 18-inch wide seats in economy class, the A350 XWB offers true Airbus modern widebody comfort – incorporating seats that are an extra inch wider than its nearest competitor. This extra inch meets the requirements of today’s long-range travellers, as long-haul flights become more frequent and cover greater distances.

Launched in March 2016, the new “Airspace by Airbus” cabin brand connects passenger well-being with operational performance of airline customers, and encompasses four key dimensions: comfort, ambience, service and design. Representing the best of Airbus’ innovation and design, these cabins will be more relaxing, inspiring, beautiful and functional.

Airspace by Airbus

Widebody comfort

Airbus has added the latest innovations and features to the A350 XWB to bring a new dimension to air travel – with a quiet onboard environment featuring the latest in mood lighting, air treatment and in-flight entertainment systems.

Benefitting from high-bandwidth fibre optics, high-definition video becomes a reality for all A350 XWB passengers. Individual seat monitors have been upgraded to new standards – including screens of up to 12-inch in economy class. The advantages of this fourth-generation in-flight entertainment go well beyond the viewing and listening experience, as these systems do away with bulky under-seat control boxes that often block passenger legroom, while combined data and power cables are accommodated under a now-flat cabin floor.

Airspace by Airbus cabins’ features for operators include a range of new galley/lavatory options, wheelchair-accessible lavatory configurations, and freeing up of main deck space to allow for additional seating.

Ambience: a signature style

Airbus’ A350 XWB the quietest, most welcoming cabin – ensuring a more relaxing flight time after time.

Ambient lighting technology and wide windows help turn the passenger experience into one that travellers cannot wait to repeat. Full-colour LED lighting enables airlines to brand their cabin in a weight-efficient way using millions of colors. Passengers arrive at their destination refreshed as the lighting can help reduce feelings of jetlag.

With the quietest cabin in its class, the A350 XWB allows travellers to whisper – not shout – and still be understood. And first impressions matter – which is why Airbus has designed a unique welcome dome that will attract passengers as soon as they board the aircraft.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace this relaxing, refreshing cabin environment is the Xtra that make the difference with customers – whose air travel choices increasingly are based on the in-flight experience.

Design: setting new standards

The modern and sophisticated A350 XWB cabin design takes the flying experience to a new level.

Adding to the pleasant atmosphere on the A350 XWB is its award-winning cabin, which incorporates clean shapes, straight lines and clear surfaces in all cabin elements, as well as a unique, customizable welcome area.

These signature design elements are incorporated across the complete family of Airspace by Airbus cabins – a consistent design language that creates the signature Airbus cabin feel. In addition, this aesthetically-pleasing design offers not just a “feeling” of space,” but real space that enhances the A350 XWB’s superior passenger experience.

Airspace by Airbus on the A350 XWB Family – your space.